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Video : Kupas Buku “Celotehan Linda”

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Resensi Buku “Celotehan Linda” di Harian Republika

Alhamdulillah, hari ini (27/7) Resensi buku saya “Celotehan Linda” dimuat di Harian Republika. Tulisan ini dibuat oleh Pak Alwi Shihab dengan ulasan yang cerdas dan bernas. Terimakasih Pak Alwi ! Terimakasih Republika ! Recent studies have shown that students taking notes with laptops performed worse on conceptual questions academic writing with than the students … Continue reading »

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Resensi Buku “Celotehan Linda” di Majalah GATRA No 38 edisi 26 Juli 2012

Terimakasih Gatra ! It’s an college homework help instinctual drive that draws its roots in the wild, where animals prey on the weakest to establish dominance within a pack.

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